Ordering from Good-Seller.com – Part 1

Apprehensive? I was too! Until I opened the box in my own home I was nervous What was inside? Shoes? Bags of sand?

Pheeeewwww! Jordans!

I had the shoes in my cart for around a week before I actually ordered from Good Seller (GS from now on), back and forth, daring myself to hit buy. With this experience walk-through you wont have to  be like me….you can order with a little confidence!

DISCLAIMER: This is only my personal experience… if yours is different or you have a bad experience PLEASE comment below!

STEP 1: Researching your shoes

When buying fake shoes online your best friend is youtube.com, (or this site!) research the shoes you want. Type in what shoe you want like this: JORDAN 11 FAKE (we’re gonna look for some XI Space Jams). Watch as many videos as you can and check if the quality of the shoes are up to YOUR standards.

Many videos online will tell you where the shoes were purchased from, now type in the store where you think the best quality ones were from: DRAGONKICKS JORDAN 11. This will bring up all the Jordan XI bought from dragonkicks.com. Again, watch as many videos as you can and check if the quality of the shoes are up to YOUR standards.

Repeat for other shoes.

Happy? Good. Time to order

STEP 2: Finding your shoes

One of the problems with these ‘variant’ websites is they have many variants of the same shoe. For instance, my latest order was a pair of Jordan IV in black. On the good seller website there is 2 variants of the black AJ4. One labeled as ‘Mens Nike Original Air Jordan 4 Shoes Black Grey Red’ with this picture:

Clearly not the original AJ4s. There’s also a pair with the following title: ‘Mens Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Countdown Split Shoes Black Varsity Red Grey’, and they have this picture:

These are the ones I’ve picked because they look like the Retro 4 from the ‘Countdown Pack’ although I really wanted the OGs. I relied on my research too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAt5nvnN8Xo

Till next time,

Pirate Man

Next up: Part 2 – Ordering your shoes

14 Responses to “Ordering from Good-Seller.com – Part 1”
  1. Jp says:

    I ordered from good-seller two weeks ago and just recieved my order. It was very good quality nikes and I was pleased with the overall service. Good-seller seems a little more “squared away” than most pther fake websites, probably because they actually send you your shit rather than just scamming your money.

  2. Lincoln Walls says:

    About a month ago i ordered a pair of Nike Air Griffey Max 1 Shoes in All Black from Good-seller. The quality of the shoe was horrible. I was walking at the sole of the shoe came unglued the first time i wore them. I contacted Good-Seller and they told me that they where sorry and would discount my next purchase. Well when i went to purchase my next pair of shoes i contacted them and they said they would only give me 6 dollars off. That made me very angry considering the fact that i bought a 73 dollar par of shoes that where horribly cheap. That was my first Good-Seller experience.

  3. greg says:

    I ordered shoes on jan3, and within the hour had emailed to cancel order, got a email two days later saying order was canceled. Today jan9 got shoes I don’t want and looks as can’t return them. It only takes once for me to learn my lesson. PS By the way I was told that they were fake.

  4. Keesha says:

    I order from good sellers two weeks ago also very pissed off with my order my shoes look fake feel fake the color is not the origanal color

  5. AKB says:

    I’ve had a bad experience in the ordering process. My credit card details went through but the shop cart order did not. So I paid for an order that did not get transmitted. My credit card statement shows that the payment was collected by another site wdssale.com though the order was placed using good-seller.com. There are no contact numbers on the site and online customer support was not helpful in even trying to understand my problem. Would not recommend anyone to buy from this site.

  6. Marque says:

    I just received my order today. I was worried because i thought i only got a couple of my items because i just saw it was two shoe boxes. But when i opened the shoe boxes they had packaged the clothing inside of it as well. I found that to be a little akward. Overall this was a great experience. It took about a week until my 5items arrived. My products were up to standard! I would definently reccomend this website.

  7. Mendoza says:

    I bought five pairs of shoes last week an I bearly received them today I had.a Horrible experience I saw that the packed was to small for five pairs an I open it an sure enough they were all smushed together an not even in their boxes they put them all in bags an set up your self box. Two pairs fit real small an they were all ruined first time shopping at good seller an last I suggest nobody else shop their…

  8. ben says:

    Warning, if you order from good-seller you must make sure the item is in stock BEFORE you place your order.
    I ordered from good-sellers a pair of lv flip flops a lv belt and a pair of sunglasses. I got an e-mail saying that they were out of stock on the flip flops and sunglasses and asked me to order something else. my response was just cancel my order but they already took the full payment of 94.12 Good-sellers just kept saying to pick something else. After three weeks and staying up late at night e-mailing back and forth the bottom line was it would take up to 30 days to see my refund so I decided to order something else. I have not received my order yet I’m hoping it is all worth it.

  9. Luca says:

    i ordered over $200 worth of merchandise when the product came in it was missing a $20 pair of glasses that i ordered. once i confronted them they said it was my fault and they would not give me a refund. it was total bullshit and horrible service will never order from them again.

  10. cee says:

    I recently just bought a pair of Jordan 11’s n I have no complaints. They looked just like the pic on the site. I would recommend this site to any1…the same way it was recommended to me 🙂

  11. vjigga says:

    Where can u find O.G. Jordans for $70, amd Gucci belts for $40??? Stop acting like u ordering official merchandise. Trd of reading reviews from low end shoppers making high end purchases and then complain when they get what is paid for. STOP whining…jordans can be purchased from footlocker, and Gucci belts at Nordstroms.

  12. Maurice Smith says:

    This company sell rubbish and do not honour obligations to replace faulty goods> AVOID at all costs

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